A Prarie Girl in a Big Wide World


Who is Jessica Anecito?

I'm a lady born and raised on the Colorado prairie and currently living in the Phoenix Desert with a love for all things cute and pastel.

You can probably tell from looking at my work that I'm a fan of anime and manga, and my love of animation and visual mediums from a young age, combined with my passions for story telling and imagination have led me on a path where making art has always been my primary way of communicating with the world.

I've never understood the pressure to pick one label to define oneself; even after receiving my B.A. in Graphic Design from PSU in 2015, I was frustrated by questions from my peers and potential employers about whether I considered myself more a designer or an illustrator.

My passion does not lie solely in design, illustration or even art. My passion is in using my hands to make ways to tell stories that communicate my thoughts and my heart with the people around me. To bring joy, through my silly, cute characters, to bring comfort and understanding through my comics, and to continue to explore who I am through making.

If you like what I make feel free to stick around, I hope you'll enjoy what you find here.

Jessica Anecito

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